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A two-part video training to help you improve your well-being at work and have more energy for the things you love

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This training is for you if...


✦ You want to bring your best to both your career and your life outside of work, but it’s been hard to make meaningful changes to get there.

✦ You want to lead by example and invest in your own well-being to pave the way for your team and those around you.

✦ You know that the first step to loving your work is loving how you show up at work, and you want it to feel easier to do that.

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In part one of this training, I share about:

The three types of energy you need and why all of them are equally important to your well-being


How to do a personal inventory of your work life to make it work better for you


The top things you can change in your day to have more energy and start feeling more like yourself again

In part two of this training, I share about:

The basics of the Enneagram and how using it in your work life can help you improve your well-being

How to identify your dominant Enneagram Center and understand how it impacts your energy

Ways to cultivate balance for each Enneagram Type so you can show up fully in all areas of your life

You do not need to have any prior experience with or even know your Enneagram Type to participate. We’ll cover all of that in the training!



Hi! I'm Sandhya and I am a Work/Life Coach.
I believe that we all get to love what we do, and that connection to ourselves, our teams, and our leaders is the key to unlocking the potential in our organizations.

We hear the advice to “be yourself” thrown around so much, but what does it actually mean to be yourself in the workplace? Consciously creating a work/life that you love starts with being yourself at work. But it’s not simply a matter of showing up as your raw, unfiltered self. Being yourself at work means showing up as the most authentic, thoughtful, and self-aware version of yourself.

And doing this requires both intention and commitment.

In this free two-part training, I'll be walking you through many of the same steps I use with my clients, to help them cultivate balance, manage their energy, and connect more deeply with themselves. I can't wait to share this work with you!

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