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APRIL 24, 2021

3:00pm-8:00pm CST


APRIL 25, 2021

10:00am-3:00pm CST

Join us for a (virtually) cozy weekend getaway with interactive workshops, inner practices, unique experiences, and "fireside" chats, designed to help you reconnect to yourself and leave you feeling restored and inspired!

What Lighthouse attendees are saying...

“Coming into Lighthouse, I was feeling like I had done a lot of self-reflection and didn't think I would discover many new things to apply to my life. But I was happily wrong!


The experts who ran the retreat created a powerful mix of "masculine" and "feminine" work that had me see myself from new perspectives, provided clarity on where I am in my life journey, and presented tangible, actionable ways to use those tools to take my life to the next level.


The work we did is transferable to my business, life partnership, self-care and so much more!”


“This weekend far surpassed what I expected. Going into it I was concerned with the duration to be on zoom for so long. However the speakers were authentic, inspiring and educated us and I did not feel the strain of being the computer for so long.”


LIGHTHOUSE Itinerary April 2021 Website

What Lighthouse attendees are saying...

“This retreat gave me a beautiful energetic shift as I began 2021. I not only learned a lot of new ways of looking at my own personal growth, but also I connected with wonderful people during the weekend. The time allowed me to fully relax and deeply reflect on my values, feel gratitude for my life, and move forward in a peaceful and focused way.”


“You know how you get stuck listening to the same voices, reading the same writers, following the same people, and thinking the same things each day? This event is how you shake up your perspective and introduce new perspectives into your life. Expand your business, plan for success, and meet like-minded people who want you to succeed!”


“Had a wonderful experience connecting with like-minded souls seeking greater meaning and purpose in life. It can be challenging to hold an intimate learning retreat in an online environment but the organizers pulled it off well!”


Meet Your Hosts

Sandhya headshot.jpg

Sandhya Sudhakar,

Career Growth & Team Collaboration Coach

Sandhya is a personal development and career growth coach, helping people be successful "on their own terms." She combines 15+ years of experience in the corporate world with Enneagram, cognitive design, and mindfulness tools to help us know ourselves deeply and achieve our best in a sustainable way.


Julie McGill,

Attorney & Personal Astrologer/Mentor

Julie is an attorney and a mentor, who uses the art of astrology as a foundation for supporting clients in their own quest for self-discovery, purpose, and faith. She aims to help others find joy in life’s daily journey through an understanding of laws more powerful than those of man – the laws of our universe!


Christophe Leroy,

Leadership Development Consultant & Shaman

Christophe is a practicing shamanic healer in the Peruvian tradition, and a facilitator, coach and consultant in leadership development, communications, and organizational culture assessments. He draws on over a decade of experience advising and training teams and individuals in change management processes.

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